The Easy Way To Sucess

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The girls I lived with where much older, the youngest looked around fifteen or sixteen years old minimum.
But somehow Jai wasn’t so happy to see me as for a couple of moments ago; as soon as I finished my sentence he rushes towards me and cover my mouth but stops cause he realize it is too late, his friends started laughing at him while pointing their fingers at us when we are only a couple of feet away.
Now I remember; I am the weird, stubborn little girl who is only trying to chase her dream. They are idiots. If only they all would see potential I actually have. I know I can do it, we all have very even chances of making it, and so why not do the best of the time and not fight about it? Before my own thoughts dragged me into my imaginary world Jai complained;
“Ugh, did you really have to do that?” He said without making eye contact and just started walked away with big steps, making it hard for me to hold up with him.
“Do what? Burst your ego, maybe?” I say teasingly as I look at his profile angle while my feet try to stride in the same rhythm like his. He actually looks less like a jerk from that way. ‘Good point.’ My inner voice talks and I nod my head to the side as I was agreeing to it.
“You must really want to be eaten by the lions,…
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