The Ebola virus (EBOV) Essay

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1. Introduction The Ebola virus (EBOV) is a dangerous virus which has a chance of mortality when infected up to 90%. This makes it one of the most deadly viruses for humans in the world. 1, 2 It does not stop there. Various EBOV outbreaks have fatally infected tens of thousands of chimpan-zees, duikers and gorillas. It those areas it is a great threat to the wildlife.3 EBOV belongs to the order of the nonsegmented negative-sense (NNS)RNA type viruses, the Mononegavirales and it is part of the family Filoviridae. EBOV is a member of the genus Ebolavirus. This genus has five distinct species: Bundibugyo ebolavirus, Zaire ebolavirus, Su-dam ebolavirus, Taï Forest ebola virus and Reston ebolavirus.4 The Ebola virus should not be confused…show more content…
Interferon signaling is the release of proteins by the host cell to communicate to the immune system that there are pathogens present in the host cell. Second in combination with NP and VP35 it takes part of the formation of the nu-cleocapsid and third, it is shown that without VP24 there is far les VP30 in virus-like particles. The last shows VP24 is nessecary for a fully functional nucleocapsid.13 The polymerase cofactor VP35 is a protein in the nucleocapsid that just as VP24, possesses the ability to inhibit interferon signaling.14 Also it probably regulates the transcription and replication.15 VP30 is also in the nucleocapsid and possible has a direct interaction in the transcription of EBOV RNA. Also it probably regulates replication. 15 The RNA Polymerase L protein is a part of the replication and transcription cycle. It is also believed that it regulates the enzymatic activities for replication and transcription The NP plays an central role in virus replication. Also it is necessary, together with VP24 and VP35, to build nucleocapsid-like structures.6 Although NP is so important for the virus, its exact role is still unknown. Figure 1:6 A. This is a schematic diagram of EBOV genome The proteins depicted are the three prime untranslated region (UTR), nucleoprotein (NP), the viral proteins (VP) 35 and 40, the glycoprotein (GP), VP30, VP 24, the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (L) and the five prime untranslated region.7, 16 The transcription starts at the

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