The Ebonics Controversy Essay examples

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The Ebonics Controversey

What is the controversy over Ebonics about? The Internet offers diverse views on the Ebonics topic. Ebonics entered the lime light in December of 1996. The television and news media have made the issue unclear and have left many people wondering what the recent controversey over Ebonics entails. Long after the "six o'clock news" has comfused and abandoned the public on the issue of Ebonics, the Internet is alive with commentary. Sampled together, the pages present a social mood, conscience, or lack thereof. Depending on the page you visit, you will learn that the answers for the above question are mixed, jaded and sometimes very opinionated.

The term "Ebonics" is the most recently coined name for a
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This use of the word "language" has the power to shape the opinion of the audience.

The Oakland Unified School District, (OUSD), in California, sparked controversy by implementing a policy in which Ebonics was recognized as an "Official Home Language." The idea of Ebonics as a language is not new, but the semantics chosen in the Board's resolution stirred up much attention. Oakland made the statement that the use of Ebonics was "genetically" motivated in African Americans. Oakland's statements are inflammatory and discriminating. The semantic implications of their resolution were unjustified. The Board's decisions were made under pressure from a society that preaches equality, but takes equality away as a means of granting it. Politics determine what educational policies will be implemented in America. The Oakland incident is very well publicized on the Net. The actions of the OUSD are reflective of what the social climate is like in the United States. Without the Oakland District's activity, this topic would not be presently so current.

Oakland Unified School District Resolution statements are inflammatory and discriminating.

The original Resolution can be found by going to the site of Eastern Michigan University. They have compiled both original and revised versions of the Oakland Resolution, realizing

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