The Eclipse Of God And The Need For The Jews

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The eclipse of God and the need for the Jews to prove their faith in God stands out as another key response by the Jews. According to Jewish theologians, there are times in the history of religion that God had adamantly refused to show his face to the world. In the Holocaust context, the Jewish theologians argue that God was intentionally absent during this period to test the Jewish and their endurance through suffering. Admittedly, this premise is particularly complex because a section of the theologians has argued that it could be possible that God was seemingly absent because God is a distant God. The premise of the eclipse of God explains why the Jews hold to the belief that God is a distant God who prefers to give human beings a free will as he awaits his final judgment on the people. On the same breadth, some of the theologians look at the issue of the eclipse of God from the limited perspective. According to this premise, God is overly limited and not omnipotent, as it is believed. In this argument, Jewish theologians retort that if God were omnipotent then he should have intervened in the atrocities of the Jews.
I find the Jewish responses to be the most compelling because they are the ones who went through all of the pain and suffering. With the catastrophic events of the Holocaust, one can only imagine how difficult it was for the survivors to keep faith. However, for those who were targeted, this was likely the key motive for survival. Nothing had ever shaken…

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