The Ecological And Evolutionary Consequences Of Sperm Chemoattraction

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Scientific Literature Worksheet (Due week of 9/15)

Name: Bianca Blake TA: Jeffrey Ecklund Section: 07 Date: 09/09/2014

What is the topic number of your assigned article and the title of the paper?
# 12 Title: The ecological and evolutionary consequences of sperm chemoattraction

Outline of the Main Points to be included in your Poster Presentation of your article

WHY: To determine the potential significance of sperm attractants stabilizing species barriers and increasing gamete interactions evolutionarily and ecologically.

WHAT: I hope to learn of the both the negative and positive effects of sperm chemoattraction.


1. Skim and outline:
a. What is the overall objective of this investigation?
The overall objective of this investigation is analyze if chemoattraction has resulted so that the target egg may be fertilized when gametes of other closely related species are present.
Why was the study undertaken?
The study was taken to determine the consequences of one-directional migration of a cell in reaction to a chemical incline of ligands.
b. What did the investigator hope to learn from doing this investigation?
The investigator hoped to learn if sperm attractants might progress to find the precise target within varied gamete suspensions of similar species.
2. Define unfamiliar terms:
What key terms need to be defined before the investigation can be understood and described?
• Chemoattraction: one-directional migration of a cell in reaction to a chemical incline of
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