Essay on The Ecological Consequences of Global Economic Growth

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The Ecological Consequences of Global Economic Growth “There have been five ‘ mass extinctions’ in the history of the earth, when between 65% and 95% of all species were wiped out, due to natural processes of selection and evolution. Some scientists now argue that we are heading for a ‘sixth extinction’, caused by the actions of humans.” (Cock and Hopwood, 1996:17) In the following I’m going to look at the positive and negative effects of the ecological systems of global economic growth and the effects on economic loss, and briefly discuss the concept of ‘risk’, and the consequences of ‘population growth’. I would also like to pay attention to the negative and positive effects of economic…show more content…
In evidence to the earlier comment of ‘development’ being a crisis of risk, comments taken from professor Giddens discussions of ‘risk’ in Hong Kong discuss the problems that can occur with economic growth. Giddens suggest that global industrialised development caused by humans may have altered the world’s climate, and damaged some earthly habitats, by increased numbers of storms and recent strange behaviour of weather. Giddens discusses the term ‘risk’ as having two different types of characteristics, namely ‘external risk factors’ that is concerned with nature and tradition. Then there is ‘manufactured risk factors’ which concerns our developing knowledge upon the world and global warming. Giddens suggest that what people generally have been worried about in the past are external risks and what nature does to our environments, and how living organisms are affected. It could be said that what Giddens is trying to make one understand, is “not what nature can do to us, but what we have done to nature.” Maybe the floods as he mentions of Chinese history were not actually the cause of nature, but actually the cause of global climate change. One might suggest that the risks of economic growth, and population growth should have limits, and be controlled in a stricter manner. For it is true that the bigger the economy gets, the more waste will be
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