The Ecological Footprint Of The Human Race

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The ecological footprint of the human race is only getting bigger and bigger as our population steadily increases. It is estimated that our population grows 1.1% each year and it doesn 't show a trace of slowing down ( We have all hopefully heard the phrase “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” This phrase alone could help us gradually reduce our ecological footprint, but many poor countries don 't have governing systems that takes in and sorts plastic or paper products. Some environmentalists say that unless something drastically changes, humans are doomed in the future because of lack of resources. Some say that by then, humans will have sufficient technology to sustain ourselves and our large resource consuming population.

I think most people can agree that if we all change our mindset and governments work together to solve the problem, there can be drastic improvements. As stated from, “An increase in population size makes excessive demands on natural resources, and increases the demand on agriculture and livestock.” Overall, there are many negative impacts associated with population explosion. Some environmentalists believe that the human race will reach its carrying capacity relatively soon and our population will plummet. I beg to differ because I think that humans will find a way to solve the population problem before disasters arrive. The most efficient and easy way to solve the problem is very controversial. In The Tragedy of the
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