The Economic And Economical Impacts Of The Automobile Industry

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The auto industry in Canada has been one the biggest contributors to the economy since its conception. Autonomous State by Dimitry Anastakis discusses both the political and economical impacts of the automobile industry. In the book, Anastakis examines aspects of the auto industry including the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 1973, which spiked oil prices causing a slow down in exporting goods and a decrease in the general economy. Additionally, Anastakis discusses the downfall of Chrysler in the late 1970’s, which eventually inspired a deal with the government in order to save the company. The book also references the continuation of globalization in Canada, focusing on elements such as the entrance of over seas (mostly Japanese) car companies and in what way they impacted North American domestic companies. Moreover, it explains the effects of the 1989 Free Trade Agreement that was signed between Canada and US. This agreement helped govern trade and economically boosted both Canadian and US markets.
Anastakis book makes sure to examine every detail of what was to come of the continuation of the industrialization in the auto industry post 1945. Autonomus State also displays the repercussions of what was outlined in the course about post WWI struggles and successes. For example, the topic of the shift of political contribution from engaging in conflict, to a more laissez-faire style, meaning leave it alone and it will work its self out. This
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