The Economic And Political Organization

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UMA means the economic and political organization, founded on 17 February 1989 by the five Maghreb countries, namely Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia. This region is experiencing a great shortage of water. In parallel, there are many problems such as poor access to water leaks in water supply, waste and mismanagement networks. This sentence from the report of the World Bank in 2011 illustrates the need to take action at the risk of seeing the situation worse. In this context it is entirely appropriate to question whether cooperation in water, efficient and integrating all members of the AMU, can it be implemented? In the present state of things, this cooperation should not be possible. Certainly the water situation in the Maghreb countries impose a full cooperation in water. Nevertheless it remains mortgaged face multiple barriers. However, cooperation of bilateral or trilateral kind seem more achievable.


Global cooperation in water is necessary in the AMU countries due to unfavorable water situation in conjunction with the existence of common resources and a number of experiences to share.
I.1. Water deficit: The Maghreb is located in one of the most endangered in the world by water stress. In fact the UN in areas of class looming shortage. In addition the region is suffering the consequences of climate change that result in a net…
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