The Economic And Social Structure Of Africa

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In the past, research of Africa was not prioritized because it was believed that Africa had not influenced society and that it was not worth studying. Recently, however, more and more people are realizing the value of studying Africa. Studying different aspects of Africa help us understand Africans, ourselves, and the world as a whole. One field of study that should recognize what there is to learn from Africa is economics.
Studying Africa gives us a better understanding of how economics influences social organization. Economic activity changed throughout the history of Africa, and this has had a major impact on how society was organized. By studying how the economic and social structures of Africa have changed over time, we can better understand how our own economic structure influences our society. Many Americans may have misconceptions about the economy of Africa, and studying the history of Africa will help to correct these misconceptions. Also, studying how America has treated Africa in the past will hopefully help us to care more about people who are different from us and help us make better decisions in the future.
The first economic activities in Africa were hunting and gathering. Men hunted small and large animals using spears and the bow and arrow. They used the animals for food as well as for tools (Shillington 2012: 15-16). Historians believe that gathering was a very important aspect of the prehistoric African economy. Most likely, women gathered…
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