The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

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The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana In 2007, the American economy took a downturn known as the recession. People began looking for a quick fix to our nation’s economic problems and one fix may be right in front of us, with the legalization of marijuana. The debate about legalizing marijuana has been going on for the last decade with no end in sight. Politicians, economists, and everyday people cannot come to an agreement over this growing issue. Today economists still converse over how marijuana can benefit our nations failing economy as it has in the past. The problem of our struggling economy is not one that can be easily fixed but legalizing marijuana can be a huge step towards fixing it. The main reason marijuana…show more content…
Legalizing marijuana wouldn’t only make money it would also save money. If legalized, the government would be able to cut federal programs that try to stop the use and sale of marijuana. The federal government alone spends fourteen billion dollars a year in efforts to stop drug trafficking (Barbour 34). This is a ridiculous amount of money to spend during a time when thousands are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. Federal and local governments spend an additional forty-four billion dollars a year fighting the war on drugs (Barbour 55). All this money could be going to better programs such as our failing school systems or the creation of jobs. If we legalized marijuana we could potentially save about 40 billion dollars. The federal government isn’t the only one spending ridiculous amounts of money; organizations like the ONDCP spend billions of dollars discouraging the use of pot (Mikos N.P). It also costs ten to fifteen billion dollars to enforce marijuana laws (Nadelmann N.P). Marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers at least 7.5 billion dollars annually (Gieringer N.P). Taxpayer’s money should be going to better causes such as social security instead of going to arresting marijuana users. Legalizing marijuana would be a great idea even though it has its risks. Marijuana has been a big deal in the past and is still a big deal today. Economists all over the

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