The Economic Downfall

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The Economic Downfall 1 "The Economic Downfall" Franita Roberson COM/220 May. 1, 2011 Dani Mclean The Economic Downfall 2 We are in a mist of depression, both economically and emotionally. Even though the government can't make a stance in this economic crisis, we won't recover because of unemployment, gas prices, funding for housing, human development, and health care for the aging and disabled. Unemployment has increased to an all time high in the year of 2011. The government is at a constant battle with each other, while we as Americans are in a struggle to survive. It has been reported by the (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics) that the unemployment rate has risen by 11.8% from the year 2006 to 2011.…show more content…
All actions that they take affects every American and should not be taken likely. Protest have been made about these hikes every where. But, what no one is realizing there has not been an increase in diesel, kerosene, liquefied petroleum. Seems to be that no one is winning in this battle. The Economic Downfall 6 The Economic Downfall 7 Health care is an endless issue that we are facing. Health care is needed to prevent, treat and manage illnesses. But, managing the United States economically makes it hard for funding of our health care. There are many advantages to our health care system. Having Medicare or Medicaid helps fund our individual medical costs. Both of these insurances are funded through our government for every individual that cannot afford to pay for health care for themselves. The cost of medical care is very expensive to individuals. Unexpected trips to the emergency room, having to visit specialty physicians, hospitalizations and treatments. It was reported that in 2008 the U.S spent $2.3 trillion in health care cost. (U.S.healthcarecostbackgroundbrief-aspx) Everyone suffers from health care coverage such as the government, employers, and all consumers. Fortunately, our president has made cost control the focus of health reform for our country. The rising of the federal deficit is causing major burdens on the funding for our health care. Realistically, it is hard
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