The Economic Economy Of 2.real Estate Sector

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In 2009, the world economy was marked by a very small recovery following the world crisis, the inflation, a slowing economic growth, a high unemployment rate, and the shrinking of the foreign direct investments, not only in the US, Europe but in other developed countries as well. In 2009, the real estate market was in state of equilibration after the shock caused by the financial crisis and the explosion of the housing bulb, which were the consequence of a careless banking system, as in the USA, Spain, Ireland, …, the instability of the stock markets, and a recession that required the resort to state budgets. The evolution of the real estate activity remained below the levels established at the time before the financial crisis. In France, the fall of the new real estate stocks and the value of the old property stabilized. Conditions for access to credits were toughened. Foreign investments shrank by 20% compared to their level in 2008. In 2010, the housing market showed different tendencies, rising, falling or stagnating in some countries, or a continuous regression in others. In the USA, the housing market continued its fall (the fall of the prices, the rise of the number of the seized houses, and the decrease in the construction expenses). In Europe, Spain was the country which suffered most from the crisis, and no recovery was expected before 2012. However, in France and the UK, there was a slow recovery, shown by a rise in the…
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