The Economic Growth Of Dubai

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Gibbs 2 Scott Gibbs Dr. Jones Islamic History 5-6-16 Economic Growth of Dubai Now known as a tourist destination like no other, Dubai was once a small fishing and pearling community of close to 1,200 people. Appearing regularly in Western pop culture, such as, movies, music, television shows, and advertising, the city of Dubai has come a long way from its humble origins. The purpose of this paper is to look at what contributing economic and cultural factors, throughout history, that have contributed to the explosive growth of Dubai, with the early establishment of trade being a key feature. To fully understand the scale of development that has taken place, it is required to understand some of the history that has led to its current status as a leader in the Arabian Gulf regional economy and a luxury travel destination. Though the area that would later become Dubai had been settled since approximately 2000 BCE, the first recording in modern history dates to 1822. Initially known as Debai, the area was home to the Bani Yas tribe. Originally a dependency of Abu Dhabi, the village sustained itself by fishing, pearl diving, and minor sea trade. On June 9, 1833, led by Maktoum Bin Butti Al Maktoum, 800 members of the Al Bu Falasah clan peacefully took over the village and established the al-Maktoum dynasty, which still rules Dubai, and the UAE, to this day. In the twenty year period after the official founding of Dubai, the area was plagued with piracy. This led the British to
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