The Economic Impact Botswana Has Faced Because Of Their Diamond Industry

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A geographer investigates the economic impact Botswana has faced because of their diamond industry. In this paper I will be discussing how Botswana has economically developed as well as the struggles the country has faced due to the diamond industry. We will also dive into how Botswana’s geographic location affects the diamond industry.

Botswana is a small country roughly the size of Texas with a population of 1.7 million people(insert source). About four fifths of Botswana is desert; more specifically the Kalahari Desert. This makes Botswana what geographer’s call a sub-Saharan, land locked country. As a whole Botswana covers 224,607 square miles, yet contains only 1,444,000 people, making it one the most thinly populated countries in Africa. The eastern portion is where most people reside, because the Kalahari Desert covers almost all the rest of the nation. Botswana 's climate is a semiarid one, consisting of very hot summers, and warm winters. Flat and rolling land makes up the topography of Botswana, with the Kalahari in the southwest. To the right is a well displayed picture of Botswana’s topography.
In a Times Magazine article “A Diamond in the Rough” by Scott Beaulier in 2010. Beaulier stated, “Many economists believe in the geography hypothesis, which states that countries that are northern and near water will prosper, while those that are southern and land locked will most likely struggle.” Botswana broke the mold on this. Botswana is both a southern and land

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