The Economic Impact Of Illegal Immigration

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The economic impact of illegal immigrants in Texas has brought concerns for the state 's economy. Such as opportunities, health care, and education. Illegal immigrants contribute both positively and negatively to the Texas economy. They contribute positively by paying for taxes such as sales taxes, health taxes and taxes imposed on items. The negative impacts these immigrants have on the Texas economy seems to overweigh these positive impacts. Their presence has made general wages go down for unqualified native Texas workers. They have led to overstretching of health and educational facilities. The rate of crime in Texas is also alarming due to the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants. This is reflected in the congested prison cells in Texas which mainly contain immigrants incarcerated for both minor and capital crimes. It is unconstitutional for illegal immigrants to take away our rights, liberties, and opportunities.
Illegal immigrants take away opportunities from Americans, as well as our money. Some citizens claim that illegal immigration is a benefit to the economy and that they help fill jobs that American citizens don’t want. In spite of this, illegal immigrants are taking millions of dollars away from the deserving legal Americans. Due to the immigrants, the jobs that Americans find undesirable are filled. However, those jobs that are found undesirable can be filled with American workers who have no other option than to take an unwanted job. This is leaving
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