The Economic Impact Of Illegal Immigration

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This paper examines the economic impact of illegal immigration in the United States. This country was built with the help of millions of legally admitted immigrants, however today illegal immigration is a controversial topic. Despite the illegal status, millions of men and women work and contribute to local, state and national economies.
An accepted idea is that most of the illegal immigrants cross the Mexico-US border, therefore most of the illegal immigrants should be Mexicans or from South America. Is this true? Are there official numbers confirming this impression?
Another relevant question is if the illegal immigrants leave their countries with the only intention of work and make a decent living, or they have other intentions coming to America? If millions of people want to work then it is undeniable that such a large work force would have an impact in the country’s social structure and especially in the economy.

Economic Impact of Illegal Immigration in the United States
As an adult immigrant I had the opportunity to experience what it is to leave my country and come to America with dreams, hopes and ambitions. I had the opportunity to stay and become a citizen, with the intention of being a productive member of this society. However many immigrants entered the country illegally or they remain in the country longer than allowed. They are known as illegal immigrant, illegal aliens, illegals or undocumented immigrants. Even though some people claim technical…
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