The Economic Impacts Of The Economy On The United States

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An increase amount of people have wondered with the high amount of capital costs and some uncertainties that the economy has had brought an economic setback with it been related to the modern agriculture which has made it difficult for young farmers to successfully enter the sector it making the production of quality food very difficult. The average age of U.S. farmers has risen from the age 50 in 1978 to 58 in 2012, and a diminishing fraction of U.S. principal farm operators are younger than age 35 (USDA, 2014b). This has been to some extent with some shifting demographic reflects the overall aging of the population, but it does reflect a steady decline in the rate of new farm entry and the decline number of transfers of family farm…show more content…
population as a whole (ERS, 2014j). For one thing the Households where farming was the primary occupation, such as in the dairy industry, were more common to have less people with health insurance (ERS, 2014j). Then the Farm households without access to employer-sponsored health insurance paid an average of $6,000 annually in insurance premiums with it been too expensive amount to pay for in all of its completion. Particularly a large body of documented unequal access to health care by individuals who live in rural areas (Murray et al., 2006; Probst et al., 2007; Syed et al., 2013).The main factor for the cause of this is because most farmers reside in rural areas, meaning in order for them to receive medical assistance they need to travel a long distance. An Approximate of 60 percent of farm-operator households are in rural areas, which have known as lack of physician practitioners (Jones et al., 2009b).To some from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ' Health Professional Shortage Areas, 17 percent of the farm population resides in shortage areas for primary care access (HRSA, 2014; Jones et al., 2009a).
As, one of a kind U.S. food and fiber system accounts for roughly 5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) (ERS, 2014e) and nearly one in five jobs in the United States (King et al., 2012) meaning it is essential in
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