The Economic Importance of Cultural Diversity

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Cultural diversity is a subject that is being used a lot in organizations nowadays. People are starting to notice the difference in personality within each other, and how that is affecting their workplace. Age is not really a factor that matters in this topic of conversation, culture affects everyone in many ways of their day to day life. This can be seen very easily for a student. On campus the racial segregation/climate is very wide, you can find people from all over the world. This is sometimes good because it gives the institution an international feel to it, but for the students that are minority, this is something that cause then a lot of stress. According to Saenz (2010), “Racially diverse institutions of higher education have the potential to weaken the cycle of segregation that permeates society, being a rare opportunity for students to engage across racial/ethnic lines” (p. 7). If all institution and organizations were more inclined to expand cultural diversity, then students would not have to experience any hateful racial act against them. They would feel more at ease within the organization they are now calling home, and they would not be feeling awkward or out of place. Ancis, Sedlacek & Mohr J. (2000) found “Asian American and Latino/a students also reported experiences of stereotyping and prejudice in the form of limited respect and unfair treatment by faculty, teaching assistants, and students; and pressure to conform to stereotypes” (p. 187). This not only
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