The Economic, Military and Political Power of the Union Was Much Greater than the Confederacy

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The economic, military, and political power of the Union was much greater than the Confederacy. Still, the war did go on for four years. The Confederacy demonstrated itself strong many times. Throughout the war the struggles continuously shifted, and because of that, so did the economic, military, and political strength of both sides. Although both sides saw accomplishments of military successes, at the end of the war, the bigger economy of the north, centralized government and overpowering manpower would eventually lead to a northern victory. In 1863, it was up in the air because either the Union or the Confederacy could have won the war, but the Confederacy did not have enough manpower to outlast the Union in a drawn out war. The Union was seemingly far more advanced in terms of industrialization compared to the South. The North was in control of about 80% of United States industry (McPherson, 24). Also, most of the Confederate industry was not located in the Deep South but rather the Upper South, mostly in Virginia. After Deleware, West Virginia, Kentucky and Maryland joind the Uninion, the Confederacy continued to lose large amounts of possible industry and manpower. The Confederacy lost these states due to the clever politics of the North such as the state of Maryland, as it was to the opposition within certain states such as West Virginia. With the loss of these four states the confederate industry would start to decline and could not compete with the industry in the
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