Essay on The Economic Policies of President Eisenhower

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In November of 1952 General Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected to the office of
President of the United States. It was the first time a Republican was elected since
Herbert Hoover in 1928. The Eisenhower administration started at a rather awkward time, both politically and economically. First of all there was a war on. The Korean War had begun in June of 1950 and was still waging. As was usual for wartime the country was economically prosperous. However, the war had caused President Truman to abandon his former restraints on government spending. The amount of money being spent on defense skyrocketed to supply the troops in Korea with the supplies they needed.
This caused the federal deficit to increase dramatically (Pach and Richardson,
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The problem at hand is the rising rate of unemployment. This problem must be dealt with immediately with strong actions. I suggest implementing federal public works projects as a way of creating jobs without burdening the government with additional expenses.
Ideas for these public works projects are: the construction of a Saint Lawrence Seaway, and an Interstate Highway System. This system would be a massive undertaking and would be one of the largest construction projects of all time but it would create many jobs for Americans who are no longer employed by the war effort (Branyan and Larsen, 251).
     The Republican party has not been happy with the nations economic policies for quite some time. These are the policies of the Democrats, and more specifically those of the New Deal and the Fair Deal. These social programs, such as social security and welfare have been a drain on the federal budget for quite some time. Republicans feel that the time has come to start cutting back the amount of money being spent on such programs or at least curtail the yearly increases. However, there are times when a political leader must make their own decisions and not base the way they run their administration on the influences from their party. It would be better for the economic health of the nation to maintain all of the social programs started under the Roosevelt and
Truman administrations. While this would normally pose a
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