The Economic Policy Proposals Of Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump

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Economics is a multifaceted discipline, reaching into almost all parts of human life and society. As a result, economic policy on the national, supranational, and global level has an immense impact on human lives and on the inner workings of society. As such, determining the “right” type of economic policy to implement is a very controversial subject. Throughout the span of history, many schools of economic thought with specific theories and ideas about how the economy operates have competed, risen, dominated, and fallen. The ideology of the dominant economic school of thought at any point in history is strongly reflected by the types of economic policy that government leaders and legislators have implemented, and the effectiveness of those policies in addressing key economic issues has played a paramount role in not only determining the direction of future economic policy but also determining whether the currently dominant school of economic thought continues to dominate or if it proceeds to fade into history. This paper seeks to analyze the economic policy proposals of presidential hopeful Donald Trump. In doing so, the paper will attempt to shed light upon the underlying economic ideological beliefs that Trump, while he may not even consciously realize it, believes to be true. While Trump has not clearly articulated many of his policies, this paper will analyze one of the few economic policies that he has articulated. This paper will summarize the Trump tax plan in some

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