The Economic Problems Of The Reconstruction Era

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Equality and freedom between blacks and whites were very different, causing problems to breakout. The Reconstruction Era went on from 1863 to 1877. It was taken place in the South, it was the greatest problem that still remained after the Civil War and had to be solved. In general, the changes made after the Civil War did not help African-Americans move closer to achieving the American Dream due to the economic, political and social problems that they faced due to the reconstruction. The problems that southerners produced around the Reconstruction Acts stopped blacks from having any say economically in the Reconstruction Era, distancing them away from the economic freedom they had always wanted and achieving the American Dream. One of the biggest economic problems they faced was sharecropping. A sharecropper was a tenant farmer especially in the southern US who is provided with credit for land,tools,living quarters, and food, who works on the land, and who receives an agreed share of the value of the crop minus charges(Sharecropping Worksheet). The landowners soil was not guaranteed to be good as well, and if it was bad then it made it harder for the farmers to grow crops. Dealing with all of this made it very hard for farmers to actually make enough money to pay the landowner back and have enough money to do tenant farming. Which made it nearly impossible to get out of sharecropping and achieve the American Dream. The Black Codes also impacted African-Americans
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