The Economic Problems of Sierra Leone Essay

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Sierra Leone or the Republic of Sierra Leone is West African country that borders to the north and east with Guinea, to the southeast with Liberia, and to the west and southwest with Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful country with white sand beaches, orange and coconut trees all around, and people of good hearts; however Sierra Leone or Sa Lone in its native language, Krio, has been underdeveloped and was struggling for many years to gain its independence as a British Colony. Even thou, now Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic and got its independence 49-years ago, the country has been struggling with rebellious forces called Revolutionary United Force, and the corrupted government. Now, Sierra Lone is facing not only economic issues …show more content…
Sierra Leonean’s economy has been increasing; however it will take many years to achieve the level of equilibrium between the demand of people’s expectations and needs, and supply from the government to fulfill all these needs. Even thou, Sierra Leone has great natural resources such as: diamonds, gold and bauxite, the country has been struggling with a legal mining of those resources due to a power conflict between the government and rebel’s forces as well as international influence. The dependence of Sierra Leone on more advanced countries, just like in any other example of underdeveloped countries, has been described as: unfair exploitation of human resources, human greed and high price to avoid starvation for Sierra Leonean nation. The relationship is based on uneven opportunities. The advanced countries are taking advantage on their exports of products such as: rice, potatoes, or even drinkable water to Sierra Leone in return for natural resources such as: diamonds that most of the times are being exploited illegally or against human rights. Because Sierra Leone doesn’t have money to pay back or provide products to be exported, the country depends on the foreign aid. One of the members of the Parliament said: “Strategically, trade is the engine of growth. If Kenya has tea, Ghana has coffee and Botswana has beef for trade, can Sierra Leone not export its cocoa and other agricultural products to China, the EU and even to the United States? Sierra Leone’s new vision
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