The Economic, Social and Political Status of Women

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The economic, social and political status of women have direct bearings on the level of fertility in any society. Where women 's roles are exclusively defined in terms of household management and matrimonial duties, as is the case in Ethiopia, they are subject to the expectation that they replenish the race by bearing a large number of children and assume full responsibility for maintaining them almost single handedly. Since women are, by and large, economically dependent on men, the decision to have or not have children rests, primarily in the husband and his relatives. The conscious but unarticulated realization that not all children born survive, serves as an inducement to high fertility performance in order to
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Unwanted pregnancy is known to represent a serious problem in this country today although only limited empirical date are currently available. A study conducted in five hospitals in Addis Ababa around 1988 provide sufficient indication that many women resort to abortion year 1985/86, 3244 (55.2%) women out of a total of 6198 cases reporting to the obstetrics/gynecology departments of the said five hospitals were abortion cases. This went up to 58.6% in the reporting year 1986/87. Clearly, this can only represent a very small proportion of women, particularly those of younger ages who seek abortion from unauthorized sources. The conclusion to be drawn from the discussion of the current situation of women in the Ethiopian society is that vigorous steps have to be taken by government to remove all the cultural and social impediments militating against their full enjoyment of fundamental human rights. Raising the status of women involves, inter alia, increasing female participation in the educational system at all levels, removing all social and cultural impediments militating against their competitive involvement in the economy in general and the market place in particular. More importantly conditions must be created to increase their access to every amenity that facilitates the development of their
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