The Economic and Social Drives of the Wedding Industry

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3.1 Choice Of Researched Design The aim of this research project is to look into the economic and social drives of society and exploring why consumers make the choices they do because of these influences. It will also look into depth the different aspects of economic and social consumer theories, looking into how they affect the wedding industry. The economical drive theories this research project will investigate are that of Kotler, Bowen and Makens (2006) and the consumer decision process. Looking in detail the 5 different steps required in order to analyse a consumers spending behaviour and what influences them. The other part of this project is to look into the social influences and the theory provided by Schiffman and Kanuk (2007), which investigates different factors which influence a variety of decision processes. Using weddings as the main case study for this project, it allows deep investigation into a topic which isn’t normally used for academic research. Weddings aren't normally the subject of academic works, this provides difficulty for this project, however it also leaves room to explore areas of the events industry and combining them with consumer behaviours. Using weddings as the case study creates a new investigation into social and economic factors which influence consumers. With weddings have specific traditions and themes the audience can determine what factors influence decisions. 3.2 Construction Of Theoretical Framework The academic literature used

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