Essay on The Economics of Marijuana Legalization

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After so many years, America still finds itself fighting a well-known and highly demonized "enemy". The enemy is not terrorism. It's an "enemy" that many Americans have dealt with face to face. This enemy is illegal drugs, marijuana in particular. Marijuana is the most widely used and criminalized drug in the United States. This highly sought after resource yields a black market price tag that creates a street economy all its' own. This is Marijuana by itself, it and all the other illegal drugs together combine to form the third largest economy in the world. This is because the demand for illegal drugs is so high. There can be benefits to a legalized drug trade that is certain. The following paper will defend that some uses of…show more content…
Public use would be prohibited except for designated establishments and all other authorized public events and places. The operation of any motorized vehicle while under the influence of marijuana would also be prohibited by law. Violations of this law would result in punishments similar to those of current laws governing the operation of motorized vehicles while under the influence. Now obviously there would be many other intricate laws governing the legalization of marijuana. The possible laws mentioned above are general stipulations that would likely head categories of any future laws concerning legalities of marijuana. However, they do present a solid basis for future consideration. There are many ways that marijuana would benefit the economy if legalized. An economy benefits when there is a healthy flow of monies within. This means internal spending by citizens on items of their choice. Citizen spending is what keeps the economy going. The use of citizen?s tax money would also be greatly affected. Tax money would be allocated more properly and used in more strategic ways. The taxation of items such as legalized marijuana brings a flow of money into the economy that would otherwise not be there. This increase of government funds would allocate more money to federal programs that are in financial need. Federal programs include public education, health education, treatment programs, etc. When the public?s way of
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