The Economy Has Always Had Its Ups And Down, But For The

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The economy has always had its ups and down, but for the past, several years there have been many economic issues that seem to always be there no matter what actions are taken. At some point, something needs to be done so that these issues will either go away or can at least get better. The three economic issues that have been seen on the television or in the new has to do with the unemployment rate, healthcare costs, and inflation (Odland, 2012). At some point many people have experienced these issues first hand, whether it was getting laid off, had to pay astronomical prices for healthcare coverage or medication; this along with the prices of everything from gas, food and other items going up.
Unemployment seems to be a huge issue
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All though it is bad to say, tax cuts would be one way to do this, but not straight across the board. Tax cuts should be based on the financial success of the company, if the company will bring in an excessive amount of money to the area they are, then they should receive a lower tax cut; whereas a company that is smaller but still employs a certain amount of people, have a lower net worth should receive a higher tax cut. This would be a great incentive to keep companies, especially manufacturing companies within the U.S.
Another issue that everyone is aware of is the rising cost of healthcare. Insurance prices are skyrocketing, and not just through employers. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created the market place, so those without health insurance could go and purchase it at a lower cost. Unfortunately, it seems that even those rates are either going up or they limited who a person can see. The big question to ask is, “Why is the cost going up?”
There are many reasons why pricing goes up. And the reality is, there is not anything anyone can do about it. Almost everyone watches the news, and recently, there was a news report about the company that produced the EpiPen raising its price so high that people could not afford it. This is one of the reason why the cost of insurance is going up, pharmacy costs (Merhar,
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