The Economy Of Ancient Egypt

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As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has received attention from people from every corner of the world. Nile River, Pyramid and mysterious stories have attracted thousands of tourists world round. Also, the development of economy of ancient Egypt raises the interest of experts and researchers in that it is not only the outstanding represent of Africa but also one important component of world economy. As far as I am concerned, the economy of ancient Egypt can be regarded as intensive and high-level economy.
Agriculture developed very well in ancient Egypt.Many people may raise a question, how can you define a agricultural society as highly-developed country.We should know that at that time from 2686-525BC, many regions in the world stayed in primitive society. As we all know that Egypt is located in the northeast part of Africa and the downstream of Nile River. Arabian desert and Red Sea in the east, Libyan Desert in the north create a relatively hostile environment for Egypt. In geography, it belongs to tropical desert climate, thus making it more difficult to cultivate crops. In spite of these poor conditions for developing agriculture, agriculture has reached a lot of achievements thanks to Nile River to an large extent. Nile River which originates from inland equatorial Africa flows through Egypt and brings about fertile Nile valley in the country. The flood season of Nile River arrives on time every year.The river swells in July and the climax of flood…

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