The Economy and Health in Slovenia Essay

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Diagnosis of Capitalist Institutions:

Slovenia has been facing a steady and dangerous decline of the economy for 8 straight quarters. This 2 year economic decline for Slovenia has done some serious damage towards their economy. Recently, in the last 3 months of 2013, they had their first quarter of economic growth in 2 years. Banks over this course of time have been tanking, giving bad loans, and have caused the government to step in to pour 4.5 billion dollars to help to economy recover from this. This economic decline hasn’t just affected the banks, it has really affected the unemployment rate in Slovenia. Slovenia’s unemployment rate rose from an already dangerously high 11.5% to just over 14%. To add to this, Slovenia is ranked 133rd in terms of labor freedom. This is a crippling statistic because it shows just how harsh labor rules in Slovenia can be. Having bad labor freedom allows for companies and businesses to wear down their workers and abuse them with awful guidelines and rules. This economic decline has been drastically hurting Slovenia’s economic growth. During this decline, tons of money was tossed at the public and private sectors of work to reduce their debt in the hard times. By doing so, it stunted the growth of the economy because of the growing unemployment, hard economic times, and hindering exports. Slovenia’s exports have been lacking due to production of “price-sensitive” and “low and medium technology products” which are about 40% of…

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