The Ecosystem and Energy Sources

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Scientist and researchers are finding new ways to help the world become more efficient, while saving the eco system and preserving the earth. The use of energy is an essential part of our day to day lives from heating, petroleum and electricity. In the same token we depend on energy to get through the day, the use of energy has increased along with the growing population and produced harmful effects. Finding new ways to preserve this treasure has been a topic of concern and finding new ways to make energy. Forest Biomass as replacement of fossil fuels Fossil Fuels have been a point of concern among environmentalist due to its harmful effects on the environment. The potential for alternative energy has been thoroughly studied concerning the use of forest biomass. Replacing fuels with biomass could reduce our foreign dependence on petroleum and minimize CO2 emissions. When considering the benefits "forest biomass can provide a domestic energy resource, create local jobs and provide financial incentives to forest owners" Studies have shown that biomass supply "ranging from 4.2-15.1 million metric tons/yr used in the most efficient current technology, forest biomass energy would constitute 1.4-5.5% of the entire region's current energy consumption". The region's size, population and energy consumption would determine the greater or lesser benefit, which would be received by the use of biomass. The use of biomass would also create jobs around the world, due to the fact that it
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