The Ecosystem of the Rainforest

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The Ecosystem of the Rainforest
An ecosystem is a relationship among the living and non-living organisms in a designated area and the environment in which they interact with. It includes plants, trees, animals, water, and soil. The rainforest ecosystem includes a variety of species, plants, and animals. All living organisms in this ecosystem physically adapt to the rain.
The climate in the rainforest is very humid due the amount of rainfall. A tropical rainforest is very hot and wet; this type of climate is hit directly by the sun because of its location near the equator. The closer you are to the equator the solar radiation there is. The average temperature reaches about 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This climates temperature remains
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Cutting down trees and bringing industrialization into the rainforest are destroying the natural cycles of the rainforest. (Causes of Rainforest Destruction, n.d) Bringing commercial buildings into the rainforest causes extremely unsafe emissions into the rainforest which is killing the wildlife and well is the plants and trees.
As mentioned before animals and plants play a very important part in making sure that the rainforest have energy to stay a life. If you take away trees and plants the animals will have nothing to keep them alive they will not have food or a home to keep them warm, some animals will move on and find new homes, but if you cut down trees and rip out planes then without all of these things not just animals but humans also can’t survive. If an animal’s moves on and finds new home outside the rainforest then the rainforest will lose the source of what gives it life and energy and that can really hurt the rainforest. “Biotic, meaning of or related to life, are living factors. Plants, animals, fungi, protist and bacteria are all biotic or living factors.” (Library ThinkQuest n.d.) Life is always important no matter which life it is for the rainforest to keep its natural and pure look animals are needed in order to keep it from falling apart. Animals adapt to the environment just like people adapt to new places it takes them time to find the right place, a save place, a
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