The Ecstasy Of Influence : A Plagiarism

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Intelligence: A Conversation Humans love to consider that they are the only intelligent beings on earth. They hold their accomplishments in engineering and art as evidence that each human is an intelligent, complex creature, somehow more advanced than any other species on earth, and yet, supposedly unintelligent organisms, like ants, can create very complex structures that would seem to require intelligence. This concept is explored in Steven Johnson’s essay “The Myth of the Ant Queen,” where he presents the idea that intelligence is not a property of the individual, but is instead a property of groups. There are also however many examples of individuals creating things that appear to require individual intelligence. In Thomas Lethem’s…show more content…
Each individual reacts to an innumerable number of things daily in often hard to predict ways. This indicates that each human is intelligent and is capable of thinking through reactions to problems in front of them, often even doing so subconsciously while working on multiple problems at a time. Even difficult issues, such as social interaction, seem to prompt intelligent, complex reactions. The level of complexity involved in these reactions clearly necessitates intelligence. Humans also showcase intelligence in their ability to create. Since prehistoric times, humans have been creating things all the time. Each human is capable of producing never before seen art, tools, and technology. Even creations which seem to simply reuse, like collages, require creativity and intelligence. Lethem says of this reuse that “The demarcation between various possible uses is beautifully graded and hard to define, the more so as artifacts distill into and repercuss the realm of culture…” (219). Even reuse with slight modification or art heavily influenced by other art, each one of Lethem’s “possible uses”, requires complexity and creativity and therefore intelligence. Humans can also assemble complex ideas from simple concepts, leading to innovation. In science and technology creators are constantly assembling many ideas in complex ways to create even more complex ideas. This understanding of and creation of complex ideas requires

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