The Edge Of The Street

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EDGE OF THE STREET Everlast Chain M ost people live a normal life, in a normal house, with a normal family, they have all the money, all the things a modern family would need for a boring life, well that’s not really the case for me, but, to much of my disappointment, it’s not much better either, in terms of a ‘house’ and a ‘family’, in life though, I’ve pretty much got everything I need. Let me explain. My name is Leo, and I live a sophisticated life, on the streets. In other words, I’m homeless. But I don’t really enjoy telling the story of how I ended up here. You’d think that over time society has come to accept homeless people and help them increasingly, but in truth, nothing really happens. But it’s not like I need rich people to act all high and mighty by giving to the so called “low-lifes” on the street. I’m fine managing my life on my own thanks. Anyway, I have my own little home, or spot should I say at the edge of the street in the corner. There’s a small abandoned construction area with a fence guarding and it’s pretty much been there for a long time so I claimed it for my own, and it’s serving it’s purpose pretty well so far. Every other day, I came home exhausted from a day’s worth of work, ranging from pickpocketing, to just picking junk off the streets. I fell on my miniature mattress almost lifeless as a furry rat scurried over to my chest. I gave it a quick pat before it went back into the hole
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