The Edible Woman By Margaret Atwood

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The edible woman
The edible woman by Margaret Atwood was first published in 1969. The novel talks about women and the way they relate to men, food, and the society. Through food and eating, Atwood is able to the rebellion of a young woman against the male-dominated modern society. The story is about a young woman, the protagonist of the novel named Marian McAlpin and her struggles between the roles imposed on her by society and her individuality and personal self-definition. Through food, her struggles, and her eventual rebellion are symbolized. Atwood has used her protagonist for the creation of situations where women are overburdened with inequalities and rules of the society. She tries to recreate a braver and self-reliant persona to enhance her survival. By the end of the novel, she manages to create the new persona in Marian, who manages to reconstruct her new concept of self with the use of a renewed relationship with food. Having been published at the time when there was a revolution in feminism, this essay tries to describe the themes that develop throughout Atwood’s novel.
The issue of identity crisis
Atwood’s novel is one that is very rich in its description and language use. Through it, different themes have come up to give it meaning. The main theme in this novel is the issue of finding oneself and identity crisis. Although the main agenda of the novel seems to be to repudiate the patriarchal oppression in society, Atwood also wants women to…
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