The Edsa Revolution And The Revolution

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The 1986 EDSA Revolution in the Philippines proved to be one of the most significant events in the country 's history due to the nonviolent revolution that led the corrupted dictator, President Ferdinand Marcos to be exiled in Hawaii, eventually restoring the nation 's democracy. Twenty-eight years ago in the month of February, there were hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who let their voices be heard and started a revolution to overthrow President Ferdinand Marcos from office. The events leading to the massive nonviolent revolt were huge factors. My mother was actually a part in one of the rally days of this revolution and she told me everything what she remembers on that very eventful day. She hated President Marcos’s abuse of power and wanted to put an end to his dictatorship once and for all. Ferdinand Marcos, a lawyer, a member of the Philippine House of Representatives and a member of the Philippine Senate, was elected the 10th president of the Philippines in 1965 and was even reelected in 1969. During his administration he was able to ratify his constitution in 1973 by the Citizen 's Assemblies. It was declared legal by Marcos 's Supreme Court. The Philippines eventually sunken into debt, and business heads soon became frustrated with Marcos and demanded reforms. Consequently, Marcos brought back vice presidency and limited restrictions on age qualifications to run for president and vice president. President Marcos has been in term for more than 20 years and in
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