The Education Of Children With Disabilities

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lEvery child, including those with disabilities, deserves a quality education that respects and promotes his or her right to dignity and the development of their full potential. Access to a quality education is a fundamental right that should be provided to all human beings. In the past education for children with disabilities was provided by private institutions, if it was even provided at all. Children with disabilities throughout the world have been excluded from mainstream society. In many countries, children with disabilities were, and still are, sent away and isolated from society. Many countries have their children with profound disabilities attend separate schools instead of their local community school. The education of children with diverse backgrounds and abilities continues to be a global challenge. Inequality for children with special needs remains a matter of concern for all societies. Despite the improvements that have been made, discrimination and exclusion continue. It is important that all educators and educational policy makers have an understanding of the global views regarding special education. All stakeholders need to contribute to further improvements of special education and increase the opportunities for all students with disabilities. Comparing different countries will help us better understand our own system and learn possible ways we can improve it. This paper will compare the similarities and differences regarding the historical laws,
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