The Education Of Cyrus By Cyrus

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In the Education of Cyrus, the historian Xenophon tells of the account of Cyrus’ rise to power and the education that helped him reach this goal. Cyrus’ dual upbringing in both the frugal Persian and extravagant Median cultures, gave him an understanding of the world unique to both. This education made him a strong leader with knowledge accumulated from the strengths of both societies, but what exactly did Cyrus do that made him so successful? The following essay will explore the deeds that allowed him to be successful, including ensuring the preparedness of his troops, giving the gods their dues, outwitting his enemies, and retaining the love and support of his allies. Cyrus’ father Cambyses taught Cyrus the most important aspect of Cyrus’ education, the lesson to always take care “never to delay providing provisions,” and always remain prepared for both good and bad situations. Cambyses taught that a prepared leader set a strong example for those under their command and maintained the respect of both enemies and allies alike. After receiving his mission to aid the Medes against the Assyrians, Cyrus sought to gather the provisions necessary for a potential prolonged campaign. After some consideration Cyrus wisely decided against relying on Cyaxares to be the sole supplier of his army. He feared the possibility that Cyaxares might not have the ability to provide for his army or that Cyaxares was lying about his willingness to do so. Soldiers were more likely to

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