The Education Of Schools And Schools

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Many schools in America are divided by cities and districts which locks in certain students for specific schools. Some of these schools are well provided, and others are not due to the income of that district which the students live in. These borders for schools causes a problem in which certain educational tools and experience are restricted for those individuals who have a low income. The inadequate funding of schools for certain districts throughout America have been a problematic enforcement of disparity. This continues to promote the ideas of racism, segregation, and social class by isolating schools based off the income and having certain limitations due to ethnicity. In order to change the things for the better, we must bring awareness to this problem and work towards equal funding of schools. Mickelson and Smith state “There is a strong relationship between race and social class, and racial isolation is often an outgrowth of residential segregation and socioeconomic background” (Mickelson and smith 2011) Schools are one of the foundations in which society is formed through the gain of knowledge and experience. If we are simply segregating the distribution of certain knowledge due to the income of a person, we are restricting the right for a person to obtain equal knowledge. With the education system being constricted due to the income of the student’s family, they are unable to fulfill their grasp of knowledge in comparison to the schools of a wealthier district.…

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