The Education Of Special Needs

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The Education of Special Needs in
Public, Private, and Charter Schools
Jerissa R. Gregory
Liberty University

Abstract Education is important to all children, but teaching children with special needs entails the educator to examine and assess the social, behavior, intellectual and academic deficits of the student and devise an instructional plan that will support their excellence in these areas. Teaching in a classroom with children who have disabilities pertains to various teaching methods that insist the teacher individualize lessons to achieve academic excellence in students. We will examine to special education requirements in public, private and charter schools. Many inclusion classrooms have the necessary support which include services and accommodations to establish a learning environment conducive to the students learning abilities. Although the education system has become far more advanced than it was and children with disabilities have more access to supports and services, problems still remain like they still lag behind their non disabled peers in educational achievements, are often held to lower expectations, are less likely to take the full academic curriculum in high school and more likely to drop out (Aron, Loprest p. 97). Early detection can help prevent secondary disabilities and detect early disabilities and allow for the proper intervention strategies to be in place. Early detection can redirect some of the…
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