The Education Of The Cyber Charter School

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When considering Vasquez ‘s (2013) guiding principles for STEM education which include: emphasis on 21st century learning, focus on integration, challenging students, creating variety in instruction, and establishing relevance (p. 18 -19), Agora’s ability to meet these principles depends on which classroom you visit on each given day. These guidelines have not been emphasized to teachers and due to our cyber-nature, consistency among educators and instruction is a reoccurring issue. Although the raise of cyber-education is a response to 21st century living where ‘students and parents alike have grown to expect and demand the ability to customize various aspects of their lives” (Public School Review, 2016, para. 16), many question whether this form of education can adequately prepare students for 21st century learning. Thus Agora Cyber Charter School often fails to challenge students, create variety or relevance, or support integration and must be restructured to adequately follow a STEM format for learning. Although cyber-education is a response to 21st century living, does it prepare students for 21st century living? Technological literacy is as “the ability to use, manage, understand, and assess technology (International Technology and Engineering Education Association as cited by Vasquez, 2013, p.10). Agora’s student who are technologically submerged and for the most part technologically literate. However, 21st century literacy mean more than being able to
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