The Education Of The Early Childhood Education Classroom

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Over the past few years, the count of immigrants have astronomically increased in the United Stated, this has caused the educational environment throughout schools to reflect a large number of diverse students. Because of the change in the system, the way students are assessed and what teachers need to know have also adjusted. English Language Learners are a group of students with different languages, backgrounds, needs, and goals. Some ELL students have only come to the United States and speak no English and have a family that also speak no English, while some students might live in a home where only English is spoken. Based on the ELL student’s background, learning style and other factors, the way they take in information differs. Most general knowledge teachers only provide ELL students with the basic requirements to gain academic success in the Early Childhood Education classroom. Schools sometimes provide ELD (English Language Development) teachers, ELL specialists and other resources including programs and dictionaries to help students develop their English, while other schools believe that by placing the student in a natural environment where they can interact with other students who speak English then the student will eventually learn how to speak English. As a former ELL student who personally experienced the difficulty of learning and adapting to a new language and also as a student who has experienced various classrooms with diverse students, my opinion is that
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