The Education Of The Welfare System

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… Even though it is easy to be added into the welfare system, there is a fine line for eligibility; the government considered numerous factors in determining your ability to work, household to provide for, and social problems. In order to acquire welfare, a person’s income, family size, medical situations such as emergencies or pregnancies, and personal situations including being homeless or unemployed must first be taken into consideration ("US Welfare System - Help for US Citizens"). Requirements are held to an applicant when applying, however, some states are looser than others. Each individual state is given the authority to direct their own welfare program. It is their duty to establish an appropriate amount of money needed to keep citizens functioning below the Federal Poverty Line (FPL). This authority is granted by the government from a national plan known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TAFT ("US Welfare System - Help for US Citizens"). The TAFT program is used for the sole purpose of rescuing people from poverty. Given this extraordinary approach, states are required to provide certain options for their citizens at the minimum. Types of services included are: basic welfare aid, child protection and child care assistance, financial aid for those unemployment, and housing assistance. In the state of Connecticut alone, there are approximately over 44,000 forms of welfare aid that are currently being issued statewide. ("US Welfare System - Help for
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