The Education Of Young Americans

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Many students in the U.S lag behind among the 8 great nations in terms of math and science according to the National Center for Education Statistics Institute of Education. Based on effective research findings, National Center (2011) gives on making inter-country comparisons concerning the effectiveness of education through policies and other logistics. However, the concept is way beyond simple investigation in the education of young Americans. For this matter, the depth and approaches for evaluation should take a crucial path that is efficient in determining if a better pedagogical model could be effective as opposed to the traditional models of education. As such, the United States has to consider the adoption of new educational…show more content…
For this reason, students from overseas nations could not find a good reason to invest their time and money in the American institutions.
To bring a paradigm shift, it is significant for policymakers to come up with an assessment and subsequent understanding of the current U.S classrooms. This assessment could shed light on factors such as student turnout. The answer to this question could also beg the understanding of why the situation is as it is currently. Evidently, the evaluation could point out that almost all the old methods of instruction in our classrooms are less effective in engaging students and specifically at this age where technologies such as video games and movies are becoming efficient. In fact, providing various media learning platforms for students could improvement engagement as well as collaboration, which eventually bring about better learning experiences and results.
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The concept of flipped classroom has been effective in indicating better results in turning around instruction and teaching in the classroom. The old approaches employed in disseminating teaching in K-12 schools have also proven to be less effective in promoting the realization of better learning experiences and
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