The Education Sector On The Global Scale Of South Africa

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Philanthropist, anti-apartheid revolutionary, and politician who also served as President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world is education( Mandela n.p). Despite the literacy level gradually raising globally due to advancement in technology that has made learning easy, fast and efficient. Most of the countries in Africa, Asia and some states in America still languish in poverty due to high rates of unemployment and low minimum wages. These unfortunate and deplorable conditions have deterred these areas from experiencing the transformative power of education (Lockheed 25). At the center stage of these challenges that are facing the education sector on the global scale is the cost of…show more content…
If text books are made cheaper, some issues such as plagiarism and low quality
of work, poorly conducted research, wanting reading culture, deplorable states of the libraries, economic disparities and overall low quality of education shall be addressed. The quality of research at the college level is mostly dependent on the availability of textbooks. Whether for the Science or Humanity college students, their research demands many books at ago to compare opinions of different scholars and how different authors have tackles a given concept (McMillan 3). This helps the learner to conceptualize the principles and ideologies behind different theories. It is only by understanding the fundamental principles that the learners can be innovative and develop products that can make the world a better place (Lockheed 22). Furthermore, this deeper grasp of the concepts is what will enable learners to develop real solutions to the problems that are facing humanity today like contagious and terminal diseases, food crisis, and economic recessions and unlock the potential of many economies across the world (McMillan 5). Research has also offered a platform for young scientists and scholars to stretch their intellectual stamina. Unfortunately, all this will building castles in the air if the costs of textbooks is not lowered to enable the learners get access to these materials of reference
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