The Education Soldier Tour Of Duty

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The Education Soldier Tour of Duty – Lesson Plan 1

1. Student Outcomes: The student(s) will determine why society/classrooms have rules then define and compose a working classroom definition of the term “education soldier” and apply said definition to classroom rules.

2. Standards:

a. ACOS Social Studies 2. 1.) Relate principles of American democracy to the founding of the nation.
• Utilizing school and classroom rules to reinforce democratic values
b. CCSS Language Arts 2.1) Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade 2 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.

3. Materials/Media/Technology: Vintage photo, anchor chart, journals, audio clip of bugle reveille and writing
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Students will be presented with an “education soldier” rubric. This rubric will serve as the rules/laws which will be used as a tool to develop autonomous thinking/behaviors. Additionally, students will be introduced to the rules of behavior expected of soldiers, i.e., our military. The teacher may ask the following: What does it mean to be an education soldier? How does one become an education?
c. Active Engagement- The teacher will play the army bugle reveille to gather students to the meeting area. He will then present a vintage photo of newly recruited military enlistees exercising at a boot camp. The students will investigate the photo as to what they believe is happening in the photo and why. The teacher will facilitate questions asked by the students and guide them to making the connection to the reasons of personal choice making.
d. Link to Ongoing Work – The teacher will remind students to the goal is be mindful of how our actions impact others and how laws are often created due to the poor actions of a few. The students will be reminded to use the rubric as a way of helping them to make better choices which impact themselves and others. In addition, the students will be reminded that when they hear the reveille bugle, it is time to return to the meeting area of the room.

5. Independent Work Time with Instruction:
a. Whole-Group Instruction- The teacher will use the active engagement portion to open a
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