The Education Standards Of Schools Essay

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Our Education Standards Although no one disputes the value of education, how the country should improve it is fiercely contested. Every few years, along comes a new idea to save American schools, be it enforcing standards, opening charter schools, providing vouchers for private education, or paying teachers based on their performance. The truth is that no plan can save the american education system, its the people within it that need to change. At the start of elementary school, students have a desire to succeed in school and be the best student they can be. Somewhere along the journey of school, many students lose this desire and become bad students. As youth, we plan to meet and ever exceed the expectations that are set upon us. Over the years however, we began to realize that we can do the bare minimum and still meet expectations. We are more worried about our grades and meeting expectations for some award, than we are about the knowledge we all have an opportunity to gain. This is where the problems all start. In order for us to change the way our education system is heading, our students have to regain their passion and desire to learn and exceed the expectations put upon them. When we receive our awful results on our test, it is easy to blame our teachers. The truth is more times than not our teachers are hard working individuals (like beth mcdaniel) that just can’t seem to make the students care about their academic performance. It has gotten to the point where high
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