The Education System And Its Core Values

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Throughout the course of the years, the educational system and its core values have arisen feelings of uncertainty and disappointment. Many have expressed their disbelief with how the system educates children. However, many have developed their own perspective on what education is and its true motive in the life of others. Education itself renders a potent power, it holds the ability to make an influential impact in the life of a student. Fortunately, for many, it holds the key to a brighter future, the chance to make an impact on society itself. Our educational system, although may provide challenges that stimulate the child’s critical thinking ability, lacks focus on stimulating the child 's creative side and focusing on its true needs.…show more content…
Children ‘over-reliant on calculators’ in maths lesson). Of course, by not enforcing basic arithmetic mental math we are stripping children of their ability to become self- dependent. Moreover, education minister Liz Truss argues that “Countries, where calculators were banned in primary-level tests, were outstripping England in national rankings. Our 15-year-olds slumped to 27th place in an international league table of maths performance in 2009” (Clark. Primary schools to ban calculators because children have become too ‘dependent’ on them). Essentially, by granting them additional aid in academic subjects, academic standards are being lowered. Education should help students reach independence. Sadly, after a surplus amount of time of being dependent, they become unable to create their own ideas and form their own perspective. It is essential to stimulate the child’s mind through creative writing where they are able to develop and embellish their own ideas. The educational system should grant children the freedom to think on their own and stop limiting their ideas. Instead, our school systems should assimilate new ideas that will help develop the mental growth of the children. I believe that the educational system plays a significant role in the creative development of children. It is essential to focus on activities that will utterly unlock one’s creative side, because, in a world that is constantly evolving, creating individuals
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