The Education System And The Lack Of Education

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While reading the research paper, one thing which is clear about the author is that he is someone who understands the need of education for every individual. He understands the importance of education and how it can change someone’s life completely. Throughout the paper, author tries to force the reader to understand the education system and the lacking in it. The author has used many references and is telling people to work hard as it is the key to success, in order to make our country flourish and better than other we have to educate our own people and this is the thinking of the author. My goal in this paper is to bring out the facts and present the reality of the writing of the author. In this research paper, Henderson has come up with a problem which is faces almost by every student in his life, the problem when he wants to study but he is stuck between job and studies, even if he manages the time he gets so tired that he is not able to complete his assignments. But suppose that he is also done with the assignments and he is working really hard day and night and is making sure that he gives time to his job as well as his studies, he does all this because it’s all in his hands that whether he studies hard or not, he does job or not but at some point he is unable to do anything because it is not in his hands and that is the bills he has to pay for his own studies.
The author is capable of bringing facts in the light and aware the readers about those facts. He is trying
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