The Education System, And The Power Of Doing

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If ever there was an idea of redesigning the educational system, and the power of doing so was put in my hands, I would do many things differently to build a educational system that’ll bring honor, and pride to many schools around the world. Beginning with changing the age of enrolling into kindergarten. I would dedicate myself in creating a budget that wouldn’t prosecute extra circular activities such as sports, music, and art when struggling with financial issues. While being in control of the educational system I would also raise the GPA qualifications for athletes, and trash the assessment test. I would mold students in becoming ones with growth mindsets rather than fixed ones. While in the process of constructing this new educational system, I would conceder that not everyone is as blessed as others, and design a system that would give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in the future. The program would be named Sky High. The name of the program is meant to motivate student to reach above, and beyond their limits. According to the California Department of Education, “California law requires a child to be six years old on or before September 1 to be eligible to enroll into kindergarten”(Kindergarten in California). I happen to disagree with this decision, not only because I believe it should be at the age of five, but also because children brains are still developing, and are capable of learning more at a younger age. Many parents would most likely disagree with…

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